Imagine living in a place where you could do anything you wanted. No boundaries or no rules. That's the feeling that we have when we animate. We create awesome visual effects that entertain, explain and excite.

Nuacht TG4


We were comissioned to create the opening, linking and closing sequences for the Nuacht TG4. These sequences first aired in mid September 2010 and will continue to air every evening at 7pm for the next 12 months (at least).


NUI Galway EEE Campaign


We created a campaign for the Discipline of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NUI Galway to help them recruit 1st year students. The campaign consisted of a video, animation, web site design, social media and an online ezine.


The Pipe - Opening Sequence

The opening sequence of "The Pipe" depicts the sparks from a welding tool that then gradually crossfade to a shot set in space on approach to the Earth.


The Pipe - Bay Approach

The camera glides over the surface of the water as it approaches the beach at Glengad. The camera then flies over the proposed pipe location to ultimately reveal the location of the refinery.


About Tawasol


Tawasol is an EU Funded project designed to develop civic engagement and service learning in Jordan and Lebanon. This video explains what Tawasol is and how participants can use to develop the programme.


WVI Symposium 2010 - Opening Ceremony


This piece of animation featured in the opening ceremony of the WVI Symposium 2010. The animation based on the idea futuristic robot medicine where machines are capable of performing surgery on humans.


GTC - Entrepreneur Forum 2010


We were commissioned to create an animated sequence that was shown to entrepreneurs that attended the GTC Entrepreneur Forum 2010. It features the twitter bird, a couple of love struck iPhones and a morphing tree.


Cool Excimer Laser Assisted PTA vs Balloon PTA

This is an animation presentation of the research work carried out by Mr. Sherif Sultan and Dr. Niamh Hynes. This presentation was shown at international medical conferences across the world.


Subintimal Angioplasty vs. Bypass Surgery

This is a high quality animated presentation that includes a pre-recorded voice over. This type of presentation replaces the need for PowerPoint and is a very impressive way of showing information/results.


CLASS - RFID Technology

This presentation was used to explain a new cutting edge approach to managing medical stock items using RFID. The animation was used by Georgia Tech, GS1 and the WVI to persuade the FDA to approve clinical trials of the system.


Christmas Card 2010


We wanted to create a Christmas Card that would make people laugh, allow us to give to charity and give us an opportunity to be creative. We donated a camel to the Bóthar Christmas Campaign.


Sin TV Web Channel Promo

This was one of the first animations we ever created. Looking back on it, we'd probably do things a lot differently - but then again that means we must be learning something! Enjoy.


Starlight HQ - Dev Null


We decided to create a little mascot for ourselves here in Starlight HQ. His name is Mr. Dev Null. Dev is the man with the plan, but in his spare time he likes a little bit of gardening and creating awesome ideas!


Robotic Surgery


The animation shows a futuristic scene where we've created a robot capable of performing surgery on humans without the need for a surgeon. The animation uses a lot of reflective surfaces to portray the idea of clinical perfection.